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RHAbout Honey Dee

Who Is Honey Dee?

Honey Dee is today’s All-American Sweetheart! A fun-loving country gal, Honey is smart and caring with an irresistible charm and adventurous spirit. Loved by animals, adults and children alike, Honey Dee always lends a helping hand and brings a smile to the face of everyone she meets! She supports Quality-made products and many animal and children’s causes near and dear to her heart. 

Where to Find Honey Dee

Just can’t get enough of Honey Dee? We don’t blame you, we can’t either! Here’s a few places you can find her:

Keep checking back for more merchandise and fun trivia apps for web, Android and iOS! Coming soon Rock Trivia Featuring Honey Dee!

Honey Dee’s History

Honey Dee was born in 1982, created by Joe Oriolo, a well-known American cartoon animator, writer, director and producer, best known as the co-creator of Casper the Friendly Ghost and the producer of the Felix the Cat character and TV series. Honey Dee was one of about 25 characters created by Oriolo as part of an HBO series called “The Adventures of Professor Beetoven” produced by James Rumpf, a business partner of Oriolo in the early 1980’s. The Adventures of Professor Beetoven aired as an HBO special in 1985.

James Rumpf created Cartoon Gems in 2003. Through a team of animators and marketers and has been developing Honey Dee's iconic All-American character ever since. Honey Dee and her animated friends are now available to the general public throughout the Internet and on merchandise such as men’s and women’s apparel and coffee mugs through an affiliate licensing program. Honey Dee is also featured in a popular social trivia game app called Honey Dee Trivia. The first game, That 80s App, is downloadable for free via the Apple Store. 

Honey Dee