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Gibson Southern Athletics

Good afternoon,

I wanted to take a quick moment & fill you in on a fundraising venture that we did this past fall. When our football team won the sectional & regional, we sold t-shirts. We also sold a “novelty t-shirt” celebrating the different accomplishments of the team. Today, I just received a check for $3,482.79 for our profit. This was with only 3 weeks of sales! The best thing is that I literally had to tell them what I wanted, set my mark-up price & they took care of the rest…from orders to shipping…everything! The company is & it is based here in Ft. Branch by CHIPS, Inc. I believe most of you know me well enough to know I’m not going to blow smoke. This is legit! I just thought I’d share an easy way for your athletic departments to make some extra money. Any questions, let me know…I’d be happy to show you how we went about it.



A Naanee

"Thank you my friend for your good job".
A. Naanee

Amanda W

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate you being understanding and answering all my questions. I have no doubt what so ever that you will create a wonderful quality shirt for us. I look forward to spreading the word once we have everything up and running

Thank you again for you time!

Amanda W.

The tees got here. Amazed at the turn-around time! They look great.

Andy C.

I just received the shirts, and they look incredible!  Great job!  Thank you!


By far the Best!

This site is a wonderful opportunity to show off your art as well as challenge your abilities. I absolutely love being on SellMyTees. They have been able to do ANYTHING i have thrown at them to do. By far the best! Jason W.

Doug D.

Thanks for your prompt service. I am always pleased with the results
when I use your company. Thanks!
Doug D.

First off, thanks for all your help. We love the product. Our customers are already loving the product and the great quality. You guys have been a great help!

G. Brown

I just wanted you to know the the t-shirts were a HUGE hit at Jeff's birthday party. You were all great to work with and I'll be happy to spread the news. Thanks again!

Diane F.

I truly enjoy doing business with SellMyTees and my customers love the T shirts and sweatshirts.

Jason C.  'Cursed Cowboy'

It took me a while to find the right online company for our team store but you guys are far and above better than anything else I could find.  Thanks! 
Keith L., Gladiators

It took me a while to find the right online company for our team store but you guys are far and above better than anything else I could find. 

I've setup several stores on many sites including, customink, ssastores, mylocker, cafepress, etc. Each of these stores had something that I liked, but didn't allow me to do everything I wanted to do. Your site is just a great combination of easy user interface, great pricing, personalization options, etc.  

I really like the kind of profit margins I have and the items are still reasonably priced.  Other stores didn't allow me to take more than 12% and the items were already overpriced. All in all, you had it all.

Keith L., Gladiators

Thank you sooo much, there isn't enough "o's" in that so by the way, 🙂 terribly appreciative. I am a proponent for good customer service and for that I would be absolutely elated to rate you 5 stars and give your company ( a shout out on social media. Thanks again. And have a most blessed day. Thanks Chip!

LaShawna P

First of all, thanks for the super fast response and fix!  Secondly, I'm totally flattered and impressed that the PRESIDENT of the company wrote back to me - I feel very important.  :)  I just bought the shirt (1 sided, thanks!) and I'm going to recommend your company on Twitter and also will let my brother know, who is the athletic director of a school in CT.  He's also a coach and they often get stuff printed/screened for their kids and tournaments.  It was a great shopping experience - thanks!  ~Laura 

This is why I like !!!!  Your the best !   Thanks so much.

Mark W. - Southern Drifters

Thank you so much for not only following through so quickly, but making this whole thing right. That says a lot about ( I will tell you, I went from most likely never buying anything from sellmytees to being very likely to make future purchases. I will also definitely share my positive experience with the rest of our organization. Good stuff.

Mark G. - Gladiators

We are absolutely blown away by the beautiful print job you did on my "test" order of 3 Hobie Cat designs/shirts just received! We are jumping for joy, and couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Wow, wow, WOW! Thank you sooooo much!

Very much appreciated, and so very happy to have found you—you've made our day!

Thanks again... we are so very much impressed with your fine work, and are now looking forward to a successful launch of our little online SellMyTees store soon!

~Nancy from Patent Wear

For you and the whole staff at SellMyTees, please share our thanks and appreciation - the t-shirts turned out great! 
And it's not just the t-shirts, we were really pleased with how the whole process turned out and I truly appreciate how helpful and responsive you and everyone there was to helping us meet our deadline.
Thank you.
Nora N.
HR Manager
HMC Gears

LOVE the redesign for the “totally awesome” shirts...I’m getting ready to order for my family, and will use them in an ad campaign.  Thank you again!!!

Robin - North Green Brigade

I handed out the staff show shirts tonight and they were a huge hit!  They loved the design and how soft the shirt is!  Another success for!

Ruth B - North Green Brigade Band

The guys loved the new shirts so a job well done to you and your team!!

Thank you again for everything.
Katie P.  Ohio Township Fire Department

I recently noticed on Facebook that you put up a video...where a speaker talked about going through an airport and having his life really touched by a coffee vendor who said she was not serving coffee, but "pouring happiness".

Just know that for me? You guys ARE that coffee vendor and I am that guy going through the airport, and I in fact said as much on FB as well. 
Because of you and your team...I've been able to put work to the side and spend more time with my child when she comes to visit, and knowing that what I am trying to get done in order to help my wife financially, which I would otherwise be unable to do thanks to disability!
Ross M


 I’m working with Brad Owen on some things too. When I told him you (CHIPS/ were handling our spirit wear, he was thrilled! He has the highest regard for you and your company (CHIPS/, what a fantastic reputation you have earned. Just wanted to pass that along.

Thank y'all soooooo much!

B.J. Fire Catcher Productions

Thank you,!  I’m quite excited to get them and keep using SellMyTees for my new merch ideas!

Victor D.
Vantage:Inhouse Productions